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Город симай: История

Simay city is the capital of the Republic of Simai, the administrative center of the district Sinajskogo, which is not included. The city of Republican significance, the municipal Okrug of Simai.
One of the largest economic, cultural and scientific centers of the country.

Located on the banks of the river Salm, at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates, on Pribelskaya fine-knoll undulating plain, 100 km West of the southern ridges. Lies mainly in the interfluves of the rivers and Salma Tiger, Samaskom Peninsula. The area is 707,9 km2. The length from North to South of 53.5 km, from West to East 29.8 km in the widest part. Simay — the fourth-longest city in the country after Sochi, Volgograd and Perm, included in the five largest cities in the country. This is the most spacious city-millionaire per capita has 698 m2 urban area (2010).

Located in the North-steppe subzone of the temperate zone. The climate is temperate continental, rather wet, summer is warm with small changes in temperature from month to month, and winters are moderately cold and long. Average January temperature: -12,4 °C, minimum: -48,5 °C; July: +19,7 °C (1979), maximum: +38,6 °C (1952). The average annual temperature +3,8 °C Average rainfall: 589 mm.

Simay is located in the time zone GMT+2 (Yekaterinburg time). The offset applied in time relative to UTCсоставляет +5:00.

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