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Город симай: О совете

The Council of the city of Simay is the representative body of the city of Simay.

In 2012 elections of deputies of the city Council of the fifth convocation. In the municipal elections was 30 deputies elected in single member constituencies, for a period of 6 years. The city Council is headed by a Chairman elected from among its members at the first meeting by secret ballot. The Chairman of the city Council of the fifth convocation elected Ivanov Peter Andreevich.

The Council of the city of Simay from the number of deputies established 5 standing committees:

- on the budget and municipal property;

- on social issues;

- the development of industry, housing, communication, business, transport, domestic service and trade;

- local self-government and the rule of law;

- on architecture, urban planning, resort development, tourism and ecology.

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